The Giants Guys Podcast to Debut Later This Month

The Giants Guys, a new podcast dedicated to New York Giants Football, is se to make its debut later this month. The show, which hosted and produced by blogging pioneer and veteran sports journalist John Fennelly, will cover the past, present and future of the NFL’s flagship franchise through interviews, analysis and nostalgic vignettes. Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 7.31.43 AM

The podcast will be unlike any other as it will contain a cadre of contributors from both mainstream and alternative media sources, fans, players – both current and former – coaches and celebrities.

The schedule is tentatively set for one large program per week augmented by frequent smaller segments providing updates and features.

Major contributors to the program will be Jerry Foley, senior editor of The Giant Insider, Craig Santucci, founder of, Dan Benton and Doug Rush of USA Today’s  GiantsWire, Dan Schneier of 247Sports (CBS Sports) and Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG are just a few voices that will be heard on the platform. The show will also be furnished with reports directly from the Giants’ facility from embedded beat reporter Chris Bisignano of the The Giant Insider.

Mr. Fennelly has been covering the New York Giants on the internet since 1997 for several outlets including, Bleacher Report, NY SportsDay and Elite Sports NY. He is currently a contributor to The Giants Insider and GiantsWire.

If you are interested in contributing to this collective effort, which promises to become one of the most entertaining and informative podcasts on the net, please contact us using the contact form at the top of the page.

The Mets Have Fallen Off a Cliff

The 2018 season started with such promise for the New York Mets. They won eleven of their first twelve games under new manager Mickey Callaway and all seemed right with the world.

But since that stretch, the Mets’ fortunes have taken a nosedive. They have gone 6-14 over the next 20 games and have looked even worse than that record doing it. They aren’t hitting and most times, they aren’t pitching, either. When they do hit, they don’t pitch. It’s been hard to watch.  Continue reading “The Mets Have Fallen Off a Cliff”

Saturday Morning Flashback: Play-By-Play Announcer Jim Gordon

Long before the sports media crush of the new millennium lowered the bar on class and loosened its belt on professionalism, there were real journalists and talented announcers covering sports who told it like it was.

Jim Gordon was one of those people.  Not that his successor, Bob Papa, isn’t a class act also (the Giants always have top-notch people in their throes) but Gordon was in the seat at perhaps the most exciting time in Giants’ history – the Bill Parcells era.

Known mainly for his work as the voice of the New York Rangers’ TV broadcasts, Gordon took over the Giants’ radio play-by-play responsibilities in 1977 from another legend, Marty Glickman.  Glickman was a true giant in the field of radio broadcasting, spinning off proteges such as Marv Albert, Johnny Most, Spencer Ross and Bob Papa. Gordon had some big shoes to fill. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Flashback: Play-By-Play Announcer Jim Gordon”

NFL Draft: Did the Giants Get a Steal in QB Kyle Lauletta?

The biggest knock on Dave Gettleman’s first draft as general manager of the New York Giants was that he bypassed on a possible franchise quarterback with the second overall pick in favor of Penn State RB Saquon Barkley. It doesn’t matter that Barkley was rated the top player in the draft by just about every mocker and scout in the land, the value at No. 2 usually never goes to a running back in today’s NFL. You are supposed to do one of four things: take a QB, a offensive tackle, a pass rusher or trade out.

Gettleman couldn’t pass on Barkley, though.Obviously the 67 year-old football lifer wants to win now, and he thinks he can with Eli Manning at QB even though Manning’s performance has been below par the past few seasons.

What critics are forgetting is that Gettleman DID take a QB in this draft. In Round Four, he selected Richmond’s Kyle Lauletta, a player that many teams – including Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots – had interest in but were waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Gettleman just beat them all to it.

Continue reading “NFL Draft: Did the Giants Get a Steal in QB Kyle Lauletta?”