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Met Fans: The Citi Field Experience is Unfathomably Bad

The Mets have played just two games this young baseball season and as far as this fan of 52 years is concerned, I’ve already seen enough. The experience I had on Opening Day at Citi Field was so flabbergasting, it bordered on the comedic. It was to the point where even hardliners such as myself are swearing off going to games until something is done about the substandard (for a lack of a more derogatory term) service being ‘offered’ at the concession stands.

It used to be that you had to be a go-getter, a hustler to work the concessions in Flushing. It was a game of attrition. You showed up early, got a good gig and worked your ass off. That is, once you showed the desired capability and were approved to be hired. Those standards appeared to have been lowered (or dropped altogether) by the concessions vendor, Aramark, who apparently hires anyone with a pulse. And that requirement is currently under debate.

On Thursday, the Mets’ opener was sold out. My wife and I picked up some standing room tickets as a result. We don’t mind roughing it once in awhile and Opening Day is usually a zoo, so we decided to head over to Citi Field to join the fray.

Never again.

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