Saturday Morning Flashback: Play-By-Play Announcer Jim Gordon

Long before the sports media crush of the new millennium lowered the bar on class and loosened its belt on professionalism, there were real journalists and talented announcers covering sports who told it like it was.

Jim Gordon was one of those people.  Not that his successor, Bob Papa, isn’t a class act also (the Giants always have top-notch people in their throes) but Gordon was in the seat at perhaps the most exciting time in Giants’ history – the Bill Parcells era.

Known mainly for his work as the voice of the New York Rangers’ TV broadcasts, Gordon took over the Giants’ radio play-by-play responsibilities in 1977 from another legend, Marty Glickman.  Glickman was a true giant in the field of radio broadcasting, spinning off proteges such as Marv Albert, Johnny Most, Spencer Ross and Bob Papa. Gordon had some big shoes to fill. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Flashback: Play-By-Play Announcer Jim Gordon”

NFL Draft: Did the Giants Get a Steal in QB Kyle Lauletta?

The biggest knock on Dave Gettleman’s first draft as general manager of the New York Giants was that he bypassed on a possible franchise quarterback with the second overall pick in favor of Penn State RB Saquon Barkley. It doesn’t matter that Barkley was rated the top player in the draft by just about every mocker and scout in the land, the value at No. 2 usually never goes to a running back in today’s NFL. You are supposed to do one of four things: take a QB, a offensive tackle, a pass rusher or trade out.

Gettleman couldn’t pass on Barkley, though.Obviously the 67 year-old football lifer wants to win now, and he thinks he can with Eli Manning at QB even though Manning’s performance has been below par the past few seasons.

What critics are forgetting is that Gettleman DID take a QB in this draft. In Round Four, he selected Richmond’s Kyle Lauletta, a player that many teams – including Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots – had interest in but were waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Gettleman just beat them all to it.

Continue reading “NFL Draft: Did the Giants Get a Steal in QB Kyle Lauletta?”

2018 NFL Draft: Giants, Jets Get Their Men

The first round of the 2018 NFL Draft is over and the New York Giants and New York Jets have planted their flags for the future. After the Cleveland Browns selected Baker Mayfield, the Heisman Trophy-winning QB out of Oklahoma, the Giants and Jets shaped their destinies by selecting Penn State RB Saquon Barkley and USC QB Sam Darnold in rapid-fire fashion.  Continue reading “2018 NFL Draft: Giants, Jets Get Their Men”

NFL Draft 2018: Fennelly’s Final Giants’ Mock

The New York Giants are poised for a franchise-changing draft this weekend. Write that down. The fortunes of the team will be decided right here and now at the NFL Draft. At minicamp this week, the new coaching staff will finally get a look at second-year QB Davis Webb, and if he performs to their satisfaction, I think they will likely pass on a QB with the second overall pick.  Continue reading “NFL Draft 2018: Fennelly’s Final Giants’ Mock”

Fennelly Makes His Pick For the Giants in SiriusXM’s Mock Draft

The Browns’ faux GM chose NC State Bradley Chubb with the first overall pick, much to my surprise. The hosts of the show, Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller were shocked as well. I thought for sure they would take USC QB Sam Darnold, so I was prepared to mock Chubb to the Giants as their GM for the day.  Continue reading “Fennelly Makes His Pick For the Giants in SiriusXM’s Mock Draft”

What Will the Giants Be Getting in Saquon Barkley?

As the NFL Draft draws nearer, the volume on who could end up where gets turned up to 10. The New York Football Giants hold the No. 2 overall selection on April 26 and the chatter about them not passing on Penn State RB Saquon Barkley is getting louder.

Many NFL wise men are warning the Giants to no pass on a quarterback, especially if USC’s Sam Darnold is sitting there, as teams rarely get a chance to land a franchise QB of his caliber. But the Giants are in a bit a pickle when it comes to the quarterback position and selecting Darnold may lead to a convoluted situation.  Continue reading “What Will the Giants Be Getting in Saquon Barkley?”